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We aim to S.H.A.P.E the future of uniform supply in Malawi through efficient sourcing, sorting, transporting and delivering of this valuable resource.

Supply Chain

We are able to deliver goods in two weeks, from source to store.

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High Standards:

We strive to maintain high standards in our range and keep ourselves updated with the market trends and new product releases.

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Advantageous Costing

We target economies of scale which allow us to offer our customers cost competitive products, bringing quality products at an affordable
cost to the end consumer.

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We have a qualified, experienced, professional and dedicated staff.

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Though formally established in 2020, the proprietor has been supplying all uniform items to an established educational facility since 2017. The knowledge and understanding of the institution's requirements, ever changing demand patterns and the relationship built with the suppliers and logistical team ensures that there is a solid supply chain from purchasing to consumer.

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